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What To Wear For Your Family Photo’s | Edmonton Family Photographer

So, you’ve booked your family photo’s and you have no idea what everyone is going to wear. It can be an overwhelming job to coordinate everyone’s outfits, so I’ve put together a few tips to help you.

Coordinate, but don’t match – If someone in your family will be wearing a pattern I suggest choosing that outfit first. The colours of that pattern will be your colour palette for the other outfits. Too many patterns is hard on the eyes so try to keep the remaining outfits simple, solid colours. Here are some examples.

Edmonton Family Photographer

Accessorize – but keep it simple. You can use accessories to complement an outfit but be careful not to draw all the attention away from the subject.  Babies and toddlers, in my opinion don’t need accessories… especially big flowery headbands the size of their heads. Less is always more when it comes to little one’s. You don’t want to take the attention away from their sweet faces and personalities.

Edmonton Family Photographer

Edmonton Family Photographer

Edmonton Family Photographer

Layers and Textures – Adding textures and layers to your outfits can add some interest and depth to your photo’s. It can also provide some variety to your photo’s should you decide to remove or add layers during your session.

Edmonton Family Photographer

Location – The location of your session can have an impact on what you wear. Are you going to be in the comfort of your own home, or outdoors? Or maybe you’re going to have a busier urban background. This should all influence your decision on what to wear, so make sure to communicate with your photographer in advance about your location.

Shoes – They matter! Sometimes there’s a lot of effort and attention that goes into coordinating outfits that shoes are forgotten about, but I’m here to tell you that they still matter! Sometimes during a session it’s ok to kick off your shoes and go bare feet too.

Edmonton child and family photographer

Start Early – If you’ve booked your family photo’s in advance it’s never too early to start gathering items here and there so it’s not so overwhelming at the last minute.

Be Comfortable – Make sure you and your kids are comfortable in their clothes and are able to move around freely. This will also help you to be comfortable in front of the camera.

Pinterest – Pinterest can be a great source for inspiration and outfits.

Where to shop – You may have everything you need already in your closet, but if you need a little help with a few items these are some of my favourite places to shop, both online and local.

Women –  The Pulse Boutique , American Eagle, K-Lee BoutiqueBella Maas

 Kids – Max and Maude, H&M, Old NavyGap, Shop The Skinny

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